Design Guidelines Update Project

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Comprehensive Update to Healdsburg’s Design Guidelines

Project Summary

 The City of Healdsburg is starting a comprehensive community process known as “Design Healdsburg” to update its Design Review Manual, which is used to evaluate design proposals throughout the city. The design guidelines established in the Manual provide direction to both design professionals such as developers and architects, as well as the general public.  The new design guidelines seeks to improve predictability, clarify design intent, and add illustrations and other features that increase usability. This exciting project will also seek to address new topics, like historic preservation, accessory dwelling units, sustainability and water conservation techniques. The key objectives of the design review process will remain in tact in the updated document. These include maintaining Healdsburg’s unique sense of place and community character. Your participation is crucial to a successful update to the Design Review Manual, and one that represents the community’s values!!
 Save The Date

The City Council adopted the city-wide Design Guidelines at their meeting of February 20, 2018.

The next step is a second reading  of the Ordinance by the City Council.  The guidelines are expected to become effective on or about April 4, 2018.

When it is available the final document will be posted here...


Project Process and Schedule

The Design Healdsburg process is expected to be completed in just under a year and will include many opportunities for public involvement. The project will start by engaging the community in a discussion of defining Healdsburg’s character and how it is different throughout the City. Through this community input process, concerns about current development and objectives for future development will be identified. Based on community comments, the City will prepare multiple drafts of the updated Design Review Manual for community review. Finally, the City Council will be charged with adopting the final updated Design Guidelines. All project events will be well advertised enough in advance for you to plan accordingly. Please come and make your voice heard about development and design in Healdsburg!

Get Involved

The community’s involvement in this process is extremely important. The process will provide a variety of opportunities to participate, provide feedback and learn about the proposed updates to the Design Review Manual. Information about upcoming workshops and engagement opportunities will be published on the City’s website and project Facebook page.

To inquire with questions about this project, please contact Maya DeRosa,Planning and Building Director, at

Public Review Draft 2

The City is pleased to announce that the second draft of the Design Guidelines is available for public review! Please click here to view and download the document.

Workshop Information