Energy Efficiency & Rebates

City of Healdsburg Electric Department customers can save money and energy with the following rebates. For more information, call us at 707-431-3122.


With Winter approaching and cold weather already underway, it's a good idea to prepare your house for the cold weather. Using this Home Prep Checklist, you can improve the indoor comfort and reduce your energy usage by reducing your heating need. The best part? It will also help you save energy in the Summertime by reducing your cooling need! 

Rebate Programs


  1. AC & Heat Pumps
  2. Weatherization & Sealing
  3. Water Heaters
  4. Pool Pumps
  5. Lighting
  6. Energy Star Appliances
If you prefer to print a blank rebate form and fill it out by hand, please visit our Rebate Form Library


  1. Lighting
  2. HVAC
  3. Refrigeration & Other Measures
Healdsburg Electric Department is committed to helping its commercial customers implement energy efficiency projects and reduce their energy consumption. Qualifying projects are eligible for energy savings and demand reduction rebates.

Current rebate levels are: $0.20/kWh saved in the first year 
                                         and $250 per kW peak demand reduction

Projects must be pre-approved to receive a rebate. 

To receive approval, please submit the following Documentation:

  1. Completed Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Application
  2. Completed Lighting Energy Savings Calculator
  3. Specification sheet(s) for proposed equipment
  4. Quote for the project
NOTE:  All proposed LED equipment must be on the California Statewide Qualified LED Product List. The list can be found here:

 For questions, please contact Meg Patterson at

Residential & Commercial

  1. Energy Audits
  2. Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
  3. SCEIP
  4. Tax Incentives
The electric utility provides Energy Audits to residential and commercial Healdsburg Electric customers. Call us at 707-431-3122 for more information or to schedule an audit.

Assign Your Rebate to Your Contractor
If you would like to assign your rebate to your contractor, please complete and return the Rebate Assignment Form (Online Form).

Natural Gas, Furnace, Water Heater & Other Rebates
Please see your gas provider to determine if you qualify for any natural gas conservation rebates.